Integrative support

Portrait of Marianne MurrayAt times, the kind of change that gets catalysed in deep personal work may feel overwhelmingly intense and destabilizing. Powerful experiences in Holotropic Breathwork sessions, or other types of experiential work, may challenge your established beliefs and habitual ways of being resulting in a sense of general disorientation. It’s not uncommon to have difficulty coping with the demands of daily life while also navigating this kind of change.

The sense of disorientation is a natural part of transformation. However, to stay aware within the ups and downs that so often follow on the heels of a powerful session takes intentionality. Learning to fully integrate transformative experience is both an art and a practice – and essential to the development of our capacity as wise human beings.

Individual support for your exploration

Working via Skype, FaceTime, telephone or in person, I offer individual integrative support sessions to assist with the process of integration. To be clear, this is not psychotherapy. Rather, I take a learning-based approach that draws upon mindfulness practices, somatic awareness, and integral theory, as well as upon more traditional and transpersonal psychological therapies.

If you are interested in this form of individual support, please contact me by email.