Marianne Murray

Portrait of Marianne MurrayAs with many of us, my life has unfolded in odd and unexpected ways. The path to the present has been circuitous, challenging, beautiful, painful, odd, amazing, mysterious, and just plain ordinary.

I’ve been blessed with strong friendships, generous teachers, kind parents and a sense of my roots, and a great love for the natural world. I’ve not had a grand plan for my life, but there has always been a thread of intention that I’ve followed. Now, nearing the end of my 60s, the exploration keeps getting richer!

A significant turning point came in my early 40s when I left a university career to study Transpersonal Psychology (MA from ITP, 1997) and then Transformative Learning and Change in Human Systems (PhD from CIIS, 2001). I encountered Holotropic Breathwork™ in 1990 (certified in 2001), became a certified massage therapist (1999) and trained as a systemic constellations facilitator (certified, 2002).

Since the late 1990s I have worked in various roles with an extraordinary organization in New Mexico – the Academy for the Love of Learning.  Informally known as a ‘think and do tank’, we’ve been developing experiential methods to animate learning as an intentional practice – or way of being – in the lives of people of all ages. Incorporating contemplative and somatic practices, as well as creative expression, group process, and collaborative experience, we take a systemic approach towards supporting individual transformation and social change.

I began offering Holotropic Breathwork in England – my homeland – in 2004. These workshops are now organised by my colleagues Holly Harman and Deb Dunning at HolotropicUK and I join them on the facilitation team for their workshops on occasion. Holly and I lead the Grof Transpersonal Training program in India, and I work with the GTT team elsewhere from time to time. For the past three years I have been offering a limited number of workshops in Santa Fe.

Weaving through all the various activities that I’m involved with is a fascination with the question of how we human beings open up to the possibility of being changed in ways that bring more capacity for wisdom and compassion – and, then, how we integrate and stabilize the insight and learning that come from the experiences we encounter, be they intentional or happenstance.

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