Is this for me?

Holotropic Breathwork™ can be a powerful resource if you are looking to:

Reclaim and heal parts of yourself that feel unexpressed or wounded

Connect with your own creative spirit

Deepen your understanding of what it is to be human

Taste the mystery

What can I expect?

What does ‘holotropic’ mean?

Psychiatrist and researcher Stanislav Grof uses the word ‘holotropic’ to describe a state of consciousness that supports healing and transformation. He and his wife Christina developed Holotropic Breathwork™. Here Grof talks about why he coined this term.

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Life immerses us in experiences – including those we choose such as Holotropic Breathwork™ – inviting us to wake up. Transformative potential lives not only in the experience itself but also in what happens afterwards: how we discover meaning and embody what we learn.

Integrative support, following deep experiential work, can bring illumination and depth to your journey of self-discovery.

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